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Industry information

Professional audio foundation knowledge

Professional audio equipment including: monitor mixer, Amplifiers mixer, Portable mixers, Power

The characteristics of the equipment for light

Floodlight: heaven and earth and the exhaust lamp, feet light, top row floodlight, etc., the spotlight: convex

Light and lighting objects material wood

Material - reflection diffuse light semipermeable opaque soft hard soft absorption reflection law, materials, textile materials - cotton silk velvet

Carnival production ︰ show production, acoustics, stage engineering, back curtain

Stage production ︰ stage size (from 1 feet tall and 3 feet high), size back curtain design

The band Europe. Beauty., professional audio equipment, lighting, Musical Instruments, professional big band, professional master of ceremonies, professional

The company, and the association annual meeting singer performing production, audio, lighting, live band accompaniment, mmo or karaoke.